Is Mutton good for Women?

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Mutton has a reputation for being a very tasty meat product. Beyond that, do you think that it has any health benefits and more specifically, health benefits for Women? This is the question that we will be exploring today. Join me as we go on this fascinating journey together.

Nutritional information of Mutton

Let us first start with talking about some of the nutrients that are found in Mutton. We shall showcase this nutritional information in the following table:

Nutrient Name100 grams of roasted Mutton
Protein33.4 grams
Zinc5.93 milligrams
Iron4.76 milligrams
Vitamin B 124.44 micrograms
Lysine3 grams
Total Saturated Fat5.14 grams
Total Monounsaturated Fat4.46 grams
Total Polyunsaturated Fat814 milligrams

How these nutrients in Mutton are good for Women

Through the table above, we have seen that Mutton is a nutrient rich source of food in many ways. We shall now discuss how these nutrients can benefit Women’s health.


  • Protein is a crucial nutrient that helps to ensure that the muscles and the cells of your body are well maintained.


  • Zinc is known to help  in maintaining the efficiency of.your immune system.


  • Iron is an important factor in helping to reduce susceptibility to Anemia which is very useful for women both during and after pregnancy as it helps to deal with fatigue. It is also good for women who are on their period or if women are having medical issues related to their period.

Vitamin B 12

  • Vitamin B12 helps to keep your nervous system healthy.
  • Vitamin B12 helps your body to efficiently derive energy from the food that you consume.
  • Like Iron, Vitamin B12 helps to reduce your susceptibility to Anemia.


  • Like Vitamin B12 and Iron, Lysine can help with Anemia.
  • It also can help with fatigue and mood related issues.
  • Lysine is also said to help the body to absorb calcium.

What about the fat content?

Other than some of the nutrients that have been mentioned in the table above, there may be some of you who may be concerned about the fat content within mutton, which is a valid query to have.

The saturated fat that is found in Mutton can make it a source of concern because too much of it can lead to cholesterol related cardiovascular issues because of elevated  LDL(Low Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol, a kind of cholesterol that is typically known to be ‘bad’ cholesterol  because of its potential to cause heart related medical problems.

With regards to the unsaturated fats within Mutton, there are a few health benefits that come with them.

For example, monounsaturated fat is reputed to help reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body and thus contributes to cardiovascular health. It also supports the maintenance of the cells in your body.

When it comes to polyunsaturated fats, these fats have Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that like monounsaturated fats, help to maintain good cardiovascular health.

Nevertheless do make sure that you consult a medical professional that you trust to ensure that you can eat Mutton as part of your diet in a healthy way.

How much Mutton is ideal for Women to eat?

Having talked about some of the nutrients that come with Mutton and how they can benefit Women’s health. We shall now address the question of the amount of mutton that Women should ideally consume. In general It has been suggested that Women can consume about 46 grams worth of protein a day. 

While Mutton and Lamb have a reputation for containing a lot of protein they also are high in fat (particularly saturated fat) that calls for discretion when it comes to adding Mutton or Lamb into your diet in a healthy manner. 

With that said, to better ensure that you are consuming the right amount of Mutton for yourself, it is very important to consult a doctor or dietician. Through discussions with them, you will be able to come up with a good way to incorporate an amount of Mutton that is ideal for your body’s unique needs.


Let us now recap what we have discussed so far.

What we have learnt
1. We were introduced to some of the nutrients that are present in Mutton and how they can help with Women’s health be they pregnant or not pregnant.
2. We also discussed the kinds of fats in Mutton and how they can impact personal health in Women.
3. We also talked about the importance of ensuring that you get proper medical advice with regards to your ideal personal Mutton consumption amount.

Some closing remarks

This has in many ways been a very interesting journey wherein you have gained some new knowledge with regards to Mutton and how it can contribute to Women’s health. At the same time it is tremendously important to remember to always consult an expert medical professional, be they your doctor, dietician or pediatrician with regards to Mutton consumption and how it can impact your health. Till our next journey together, take care and enjoy your food without compromising on your health and wellbeing. 

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