How to eat Salmon Head safely

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Salmon is a popular fish that is used in a variety of cuisines. You may have heard of grilled Salmon, Salmon Sushi or many other food items that use Salmon as an ingredient. That being said, what about Salmon Head? Do you think it is edible? Furthermore, what about the question: can Salmon Head be safely eaten? Join me as we explore these questions regarding eating Salmon Head together.

Is Salmon Head Edible?

Let us begin with the question regarding whether or not Salmon Head is edible. A quick search on any search engine will reveal loads of recipes on how to cook Salmon Head. The immense variety of recipes available not only showcase human creativity when it comes to food, but it shows that Salmon Head is indeed edible.

How you can eat Salmon Head safely

We shall now discuss another important question regarding Salmon Heads: How can it be eaten safely? We shall address this question in the table below.

How to prepare Salmon Head for safe consumption
1. The first thing you need to do is to remove the gills and innards from the Salmon Head using a good quality knife.
2. You can also remove the scales on the Salmon Head using a fish scale remover.
3. Slicing the Salmon Head in Half with a knife can also be helpful in the process of removing bones that could be hazardous.
4. Alternatively, you could purchase a Salmon Head that has been cleaned and sliced either from a fishmonger, physical supermarket or an online store.
5. You can always eat the Salmon Head whole, slowly slicing it as you eat it or you can always separate the meat from the bones with a good quality knife and simply eat the flesh of the Salmon Head. The choice is yours.
6. With regards to the eyes of the Salmon Head, a good way to consume it safely is to try to suck out the gel-like substance within the eye called the vitreous humour without fully placing the eye in your mouth. In that way you can avoid ingesting any unwanted parts of the eye. 
7. Whatever you decide regarding eating Salmon Head, Always be vigilant when either preparing Salmon Head for consumption or while consuming it to make sure that any bones are removed.

Where to buy Salmon Head

As mentioned earlier, you can purchase Salmon head from your local fishmonger, supermarkets or online stores like Lazada, Shopee or Pickme

Some final thoughts

With what you have discovered over the course of our journey together, hopefully you have gained a better understanding about consuming Salmon Head safely. Remember to always be vigilant when eating your food be it Salmon Head or any other kind of food item. Till the next time we go on another exploration, take care and enjoy your meal.

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