Is Salmon good for dogs?

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As a dog owner, you may have come across the dilemma regarding the kinds of food that you can feed your dog, how you should prepare certain types of food and whether or not you can feed the food that you eat to your beloved dog. One such food product that may come to mind is Salmon and whether or not it is both edible and good for dogs. We will address that question and clarify your doubts about it. So let’s begin.

Can dogs eat Salmon?

With regards to the question of whether or not Salmon can be consumed by dogs, the answer to that is it depends on whether or not the Salmon has been exposed to contaminants that can impact its consumability such as radiation , whether or not your dog is allergic to Salmon, or how it is prepared as a dish for your dog to enjoy.

Can you feed Raw Salmon to your dog? 

We now come to the question of whether or not dogs can eat raw salmon, according to experts from the American Kennel Club, dogs should not eat raw or undercooked Salmon due to them containing a parasite known as Neorickettsia helminthoeca which causes the disease known as Salmon Poisoning Disease that is fatal to dogs.

Can you feed Smoked Salmon to your dog?

Since Smoked Salmon is not cooked thoroughly it should not be given to dogs to eat due to Smoked Salmon possibly having Neorickettsia helminthoeca that causes the fatal Salmon Poisoning Disease. Additionally, Smoked Salmon’s high salt content makes it unsafe to feed dogs as it can cause dehydration and can even lead to death.

How should you prepare the Salmon that you feed to your dog?

So this begs the question: How should I prepare the Salmon if I want to feed it to my dog? Regarding that, you should serve your dog high quality thoroughly boneless and skinless salmon that is completely cooked. The reasons for this are:

  1. The small bones in Salmon could cause your dog to choke and lodge themselves in their  internal organs such as their stomach or intestines.
  2. Salmon skin may still contain contaminants so it is best to remove it to be safe.

Some ways that you can cook Salmon for your dog includes grilling, roasting or any other method that ensures that the Salmon you are preparing is totally cooked. Be sure to not add any ingredients that can harm their health such as onions, and salt to name a few. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before you proceed to include any possible salmon dish that you may want to cook for your dog in their diet.

What serving size of Salmon should you feed your dog?

In terms of serving size, you can serve a maximum of 10 grams of Salmon for every 500 grams of your dog’s weight in accordance to their size once a week or less. Do confirm the appropriate serving size of Salmon for your dog with your veterinarian before you begin adding it to your dog’s diet. Here’s a table to give you a headstart:

Dog’s weightServing sizeFeeding frequency
1 to 2kg20g to 40gOnce a week or less
2 to 6kg40g to 120gOnce a week or less
6kg to 12kg120g to 240gOnce a week or less
12kg to 16kg240g to 320gOnce a week or less
16kg to 20kg320g to 400g Once a week or less
20kg-26kg400g to 520g Once a week or less
26kg-30kg520g to 600g Once a week or less
30kg to 36kg600g to 720g Once a week or less
36kg to 40kg720g to 800g Once a week or less

Can you feed Salmon Oil to your dog?

You may ask yourself if Salmon Oil is another viable option to feed your dog. With regards to that question, yes! You can feed salmon oil to your dog if you wish to do so. There are a variety of reputable brands that carry Salmon Oil for dogs to consume and gain the health benefits that come with Salmon.

What are the health benefits of Salmon for dogs?

Now, on to the health benefits of Salmon for dogs. Some health benefits include:

EPA and DHA forms of Omega 3 that help to reduce inflammation, keep your dog’s coat and joints healthy as well as support cognitive development and cognitive health.
It is also a good source of protein that helps your dog’s muscle maintenance.

Is it better to feed your dog dry or wet food that has Salmon as an ingredient vs directly feeding cooked Salmon meat?

Having seen how Salmon can be beneficial for your dog, you may wonder if it would be better to feed specially engineered dry food that contains Salmon as an ingredient instead of directly feeding cooked Salmon meat to your dog. To answer that question, it goes down to personal preference. The reason for this is simple, if you are aware of any reputable brands that use high-quality ingredients such as Salmon in their food, then by all means feed them specially optimised dry or wet food for your pet dog. If however, you feel like introducing them to cooked Salmon do practice discretion as you go about doing it. Do consult a veterinarian that you trust with regards to any doubts regarding feeding either cooked Salmon or optimised wet or dry dog food that has Salmon as an ingredient to your dog.

In summary

In essence, it can be said that dogs that are not allergic to fish can eat Salmon that thoroughly is cooked or alternatively, consume Salmon Oil. Furthermore, with regards to whether or not you would want to offer your dog cooked Salmon to eat directly or dog food that contains Salmon ( be it wet or dry) food, it depends on your preference. Whatever your preference may be, one thing is clear: Keep a lookout for high quality products whether it is pet food or Salmon fish and always consult a vet you trust before incorporating food that contains salmon in your dog’s diet.

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