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How to make Salmon Donburi

A delicious treat Japanese cuisine is well known for its fascinating variety of dishes. One such dish is the rice bowl dish known as Donburi. Today we shall introduce you to a donburi recipe that includes Salmon as an ingredient. Ingredients .About 300 to 900 grams of  Sashimi grade Salmon  .About 500 grams of Ikura/Salmon …

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Is Salmon good for dogs?

As a dog owner, you may have come across the dilemma regarding the kinds of food that you can feed your dog, how you should prepare certain types of food and whether or not you can feed the food that you eat to your beloved dog. One such food product that may come to mind …

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Is Salmon Head good for health?

When it comes to the question of whether or not Salmon is good for health, you will typically get a resounding ‘yes’ when you ask people, be they food lovers, dieticians or medical professionals. The question we are exploring today however, is a uniquely specific one regarding the health benefits of Salmon. That question is: …

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