Ways to add Wakame to your cooking

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Wakame is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in a variety of different and delicious ways. Let us explore some ways in which this seaweed can be used.

Using Wakame in soups

When it comes to soups, many are familiar with how rehydrated Wakame is used in Miso soup as an ingredient to add its slightly sweet taste of the sea to it. This attribute makes Wakame a great ingredient to add to any kind of soup as a special ingredient that gives your soup dish a different kind of flavour.

Adding Wakame in salads

You can also add rehydrated Wakame as an ingredient in your salad dishes. Again, its slightly sweet flavour adds a distinctive and unforgettable taste that makes Wakame a fascinating salad ingredient.

Adding Wakame to noodles

You can also add Wakame to a variety of noodle dishes be it noodles with soup or dry noodle dishes. Whether you are looking to cook ramen, soba, udon or any other kind of noodle dish, Wakame is an ingredient that you should seriously consider adding to your noodle dishes because of its unique flavour profile.

Adding Wakame to rice

You can add Wakame as an ingredient to rice too. Whether you want to use it alongside other seasonings or as a single lone seasoning, Wakame has the potential to add a unique gastronomic experience to rice lovers thanks to its mesmerising flavour.

Stir Frying Wakame

Another way that you can add Wakame to your cuisine is by using it as an ingredient when cooking stir-fried food. You can either stir-fry reconstituted Wakame on its own or you can add other ingredients together with it in your stir-fried dish.

An embodiment of versatility

The culinary potential that Wakame has shows that it is truly a versatile ingredient that can be utilised to cook many different kinds of food. With that said, go on your own journey to discover the wonders of Wakame as a food ingredient and who knows perhaps you can come up with a dish that has your own unique stamp on it that will most certainly wow your friends, family and even your customers.

Where you can buy Wakame

You can purchase Wakame at a variety of places such as online stores such as Shopee, Redmart, Pickme, supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage as well as Japanese speciality stores such as Meidi-ya.

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