How to make Onigiri

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Japanese cuisine has a tremendous variety of culinary offerings. One such food item that people may be familiar with is Ongiri or Rice Balls. You may have come across this item in convenience stores or at Japanese Restaurants. Whether you have come across Onigiri in your life or if you have not really been exposed to it, there is a deeper question that you may or may not have considered, namely whether or not you would like to learn how to make Onigiri. Are you keen to do so? Great! Then let us try the following Onigiri Recipe.


First let us discuss the ingredients that you will need with the help of the following table.

.4 cups of cooked Japanese Short-Grain Rice.

.100 grams of cooked Salmon Fillet.

.3 tablespoons of Furikake.

.2 sheets of Nori Seaweed.
Estimated time taken to make this dish: 25 minutes
Serving size: 1 person
Difficulty Level: Easy (1 star out 5)

Now that you’ve been introduced to the ingredients let us now dive into the preparation process.

Preparation Process

Step 1

Spread the warm rice onto a plate and mix your Furikake into the rice with a fork.

Step 2

Place your Salmon Fillet on a separate plate and mash it into small pieces with a fork.

Step 3

Wash your hands and pick up a hand sized amount of rice and press it against your palm.

Step 4

Using your other hand, make a dent in the centre of the rice in your other palm and fill it up with a teaspoon sized amount of your mashed Salmon.

Step 5

Wrap the rice in your palm around your Salmon filling and form a triangle shape with your hands by cupping them together. After that, mould the rice until you are satisfied with its shape.

Step 6

Repeat the process of placing the Salmon filling in your rice and moulding them until you have formed the amount of rice balls that you want.

Step 7

Cut the Nori Seaweed into pieces that can wrap around your rice balls. The estimated size can be 8 cm by 4 cm or any dimensions that ensure that the Nori Seaweed can be perfectly wrapped around your rice balls.

Step 8

Place your rice balls in the centre of your cut Nori Seaweed and then wrap your rice ball up with your Nori Seaweed.

Step 9

Once you are done wrapping up your rice balls, you are now ready to serve your Onigiri.

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