What are the different cuts of Salmon that are sold in shops?

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 When it comes to purchasing Salmon you may have bought Salmon from an online or physical shop. Perhaps you may not have bought Salmon from any shop before. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: there is a whole world of different cuts of Salmon to explore that you may or may not have heard about. Are you curious to enter this seemingly mysterious world? Join me as we go on a fascinating exploration together.

Salmon Sides

The first cut of the Salmon that we shall discuss is a cut that is typically called Salmon Sides. As its name implies, this cut of Salmon is the cut of the side of a Salmon. They typically are the length of a whole salmon (approximately 150 centimetres/59.1 inches). Typically, Salmon fillets are derived from Salmon Sides.

Salmon Fillets

Let us now discuss Salmon Fillets. As mentioned earlier, Salmon fillets tend to be derived from Salmon sides. They also can come from other parts of Salmon such as the belly. Salmon fillets can be sold at different weights from 100 grams to a 1 kilogram on average.

Salmon Steaks

We now move on to the cut of Salmon known as Salmon steaks. This cut of Salmon is so named due to it being cut the form of a typical fish steak. Salmon Steaks can weigh up to approximately 800 grams. 

Salmon Heads

Another cut of Salmon that is sold in a variety of shops is Salmon Heads. This part of a Salmon can either be cut in half or whole when on display in shops be they online or physical outlets. With regards to their weight, Salmon Heads can weigh approximately 400 grams.

Salmon Bones

The next cut of Salmon that we will be discussing is Salmon Bones. This cut of Salmon is special in this sense: it Salmon flesh on bones  and is typically used in broths/soups. In general, Salmon bones that are sold in shops weigh approximately 1 to 2 kilograms depending on the amount of cuts that  are packed.

Skin on and Skin off

Yet another thing that you may come across is Salmon cuts that either still have the Salmon skin on them or are skinless. They can be fillets or other kinds of cuts of Salmon. Furthermore, the weight and sizes of these Salmon cuts can vary with some having a weight range of approximately 500 grams to about 1 kilogram depending on the number of Salmon cuts that are in a package. 


Name of Salmon cutUnique attributesAverage length or weight
Salmon SidesOther cuts like Salmon fillet are derived from it.About 150  centimetres/59.1 inches.
Salmon FilletsSalmon fillets can come from different parts of the fish including its belly.Average weight ranges from 100 grams to 1kilogram.
Salmon SteakThis Salmon cut is uniquely shaped to make steak dishes.Average weight is about 800 grams.
Salmon HeadsSalmon Head cuts can either be marketed as being cut in half or kept whole.Salmon Heads weigh approximately 400 grams.
Salmon BonesSalmon Bones still have meat on them and are used in broths/soups.The weight of Salmon Bones can vary depending on the amount that is packed. Generally they can weigh between 1 to 2 kilograms.

Shops where you can purchase different cuts of Salmon

You can purchase different cuts of Salmon from a variety of shops. They include online shops like Shopee, Pickme and Redmart to name a few. You can also purchase different cuts of Salmon from physical shops or supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Giant and Sheng Shiong for example.

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