What you need to know about Biwa Salmon

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Many people may have heard of the Pacific Salmon that can be found in North America but have you heard of Biwa Salmon before? Join me as we get to know this fish better.

Biwa Salmon

  • The Biwa Salmon is a variety of Asian Pacific Salmon, Like the Redspotted Masu Salmon, the Biwa Salmon is related to the Masu Salmon as well. (These three fish are considered Asian Pacific Salmon.) 
  • The Biwa Salmon is native to Japan and is found in Lake Biwa. 
  • It’s Japanese name is Biwa Masu, which means Biwa Trout. 
  • While this name may seem confusing, Salmon and Trout both belong to the same family of fish while being categorised into different subgroups. 
  • For clarity, Biwa Salmon is classified in the same scientific subcategory as other Pacific Salmon. 
  • Biwa Salmon are reputed to grow to up to 60 centimetres/1.96 feet in length and have a lifespan of up to 4 years. 
  • Biwa Salmon spawn about 3000 to 4000 eggs.
  • An interesting fact about Biwa Salmon is that they are a landlocked variety of Pacific Salmon while being anadromous as they move between the freshwater lake Biwa and surrounding rivers according to the water temperature as part of their life cycle. 
  • In terms of appearance, Biwa Salmon are said to be very similar to Redspotted Masu Salmon due to Biwa Salmon also having red spots on their bodies. However these spots disappear from Biwa Salmon as they reach maturity.
  • Adult Biwa Masu have silver coloured bodies

Which countries are major consumers of Biwa Salmon?

Biwa Salmon is consumed as part of Japanese cuisine and as such Japan is a major consumer of this fish.

Other names of Biwa Salmon

琵琶鲑 (Pipa Gui)Chinese (Simplified)
Форель Бива (Forel’ Biva)Russian
Biwa TroutMalay
Trucha BiwaSpanish

What do Biwa Salmon taste like?

Biwa Salmon are known for the leanness of their meat and their rich flavour profile. 

Are Biwa Salmon farmed?

Biwa Salmon have been farmed for a long time in Japan. There is even a famous Biwa Salmon farm in Japan’s Shiga prefecture near Lake Biwa that has been in existence since 1878.

To recap

Salmon NameHabitat locationMeasurementsLifespanNumber of eggs spawnedUnique trait
Biwa SalmonNative to Japan and is named after it’s prominent habitat, Lake Biwa.Length: 60 centimetres/1.96 feet.
Up to 4 years.3000-to 8000 eggsBiwa Salmon are unique in that they are historically native to a specific lake of Japan namely, Lake Biwa.
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Lake Biwa, the home of Biwa Salmon

A fascinating exploration

What a journey it has been! We have learnt much about the Biwa Salmon in terms of certain facts about it, other names for it in different languages and many more fascinating things. Hopefully you have gained some insight about the intriguing fish that is Biwa Salmon. Until our next exploration, keep learning more about the food you eat.

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