How to make Salmon Donburi

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A delicious treat

Japanese cuisine is well known for its fascinating variety of dishes. One such dish is the rice bowl dish known as Donburi. Today we shall introduce you to a donburi recipe that includes Salmon as an ingredient.

.About 300 to 900 grams of  Sashimi grade Salmon 

.About 500 grams of Ikura/Salmon roe (optional)

.Shiso leaves (as much as you need)

.About 500 grams of Nori seaweed

.Cooked rice

.Shoyu/Soya sauce

.Wasabi (optional)
Cooking process
1. Cook your rice first and keep it warm. (Cooking duration may vary).

2. Slice your salmon vertically with a sharp knife (that is not serrated) with the base of the knife to the tip of the knife in  a backward direction towards your body.

3. Once you are done slicing your salmon place it along with the shiso leaves, nori seaweed  and ikura (optional) on your rice in rice bowls.

4.Serve your Salmon Sashimi Donburi with soya sauce and wasabi and enjoy!
Total preparation time: about 1 hour.

Where you can find ingredients for this recipe

With regards to where you can find the ingredients that you need for this recipe, you can find them at online stores like Pickme, Shopee, or Redmart, at major supermarkets like NTUC and Cold Storage or at Japanese speciality stores such as Meidi-ya to name a few places. Till the next time we try another recipe, take care and enjoy your meal!

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